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Fraugster is a German-Israeli payment security company using proprietary AI technology to eliminate fraud and maximize revenues.

The company was founded in 2014 by Max Laemmle and Chen Zamir with the vision to design and build an anti-fraud technology that could help create a fraud free world - one where e-commerce merchants would never have to care about managing risk again.

Fraugster’s team of world-class risk and payment experts spent several years designing a proprietary technology from scratch. The result is an advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, which not only eliminates payment fraud but also maximizes revenues by reducing false positives. Based on this technology, Fraugster offers a suite of products that cater to the needs of both payment companies and merchants. Clients can choose to manage their own risk or let Fraugster manage the risk for them and take full financial liability. Fraugster’s AI technology is guaranteed to eliminate fraud and increase revenues by up to 30%.

Fraugster has been operating across the globe since 2016 and is currently responsible for tens of billions of dollars for its clients. Its products are used and trusted internationally by leading payment companies such as Ingenico, Worldline | Six Payment Services and RatePAY.

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